There’s simply no time for instrument downtime. That’s why our Instrument Service Plans include our Digital Services and Support Ecosystem to help keep your instruments and your lab running smoothly. These include pioneering on-demand tools and capabilities such as Smart Help and Remote Support using augmented reality technology and instrument-driven support. We’re constantly looking ahead so your lab never falls behind.

Access to these tools and our network of over 2,000 trained professionals begins with the purchase of your Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, or Ion Torrent instrument. Find out how our digital support helps resolve up to 70% of cases in minutes, not days, enabling you to focus on your next scientific breakthrough.

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70%Remote issue resolution
with our digital tools
2000+Trained professionals
40 yearsof expertise

Superior digital support


Getting help with your instrument should be a quick pitstop, not a day long interruption.

Through immersive, real-time collaboration tools, we can help identify and possibly resolve issues remotely in minutes, helping to eliminate the need for on-site repairs that could keep you idle for days.

Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) Support

Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) Support

Virtually transport one of our engineers into your lab in as little as 20 seconds, which may reduce average instrument downtime from days to minutes.

How mobile augmented reality support works

See how AR remote support helped a lab in a time of crisis

Read the Setting Up in a Lockdown story in the Behind the Bench blog

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic Service

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic Service

Proactive problem detection

Improve instrument uptime by solving issues proactively. Instrument performance data is sent securely to our service support team who can qucikly and proactively troubleshoot, diagnose, and help maintain performance of your instruments.


Smart Help

Smart Help & Remote Support

What if troubleshooting an instrument issue was as easy as pushing a button? With our digital services and support ecosystem, it is. Access our network of over 2,000 trained professionals at just the touch of a button right from your instruments screen.

With Smart Help you can easily share log and run files to speed up service troubleshooting and, if needed, request a service visit.

And with Remote Support, our technical team uses remote desktop control to see your instrument in real time and interact with you live on the instrument screen to resolve issues virtually.

See Smart Help and Remote Support capabilities on the new SeqStudio Flex Genetic Analyzer

Features of our smart help instrument support

Currently available for the Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 6 and 7 Pro Real-Time PCR Systems and the SeqStudio Flex Genetic Analyzer.

Instrument Connect

Instrument Connect

Accelerate your science

Instrument uptime is only part of an efficient laboratory. Connect, our cloud-based platform, enables you to get connected to your data more easily and quickly than ever before.

  • Set up and monitor your run
  • View, manage, and share your data from anywhere, using your phone, tablet, or computer (Mac or PC)
  • Leverage remote monitoring for instrument status and run progress anytime, anywhere, using the Instrument Connect mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Use secure connections to share data and collaborate with colleagues

 Resources: IT Connectivity Brochure

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