Manage orders

To help you manage your orders and facilitate your buying experience, your Account Dashboard consolidates order-related information, saved carts, shared lists, and access to key documents.


Recent orders

Access to product documents

Order issues and returns

Custom Orders

View Recurring Orders

Shared lists and carts


Watch this video for an overview of the time-saving features on your Account Dashboard.

Recent Orders

In Recent orders, you’ll find a list of your transactions for the last year (placed either online or through Customer Care) and the status of each order. You can search and filter orders to find specific orders and order details. Order status is updated throughout the day to ensure you always have the most up-to-date information.


To see more information about a specific order, you can expand it to view more details, including:

  • Track Shipment to follow the shipping progress of your items
  • Request dispatch notes (packing slips) and download invoices
  • Download product documents
  • Request a return or report an issue


Note: You can request invoices and dispatch notes for up to three email addresses. Invoices and dispatch notes are available for retrieval once your order has shipped.

Access to Product Documents

You can download product documents for the items you’ve ordered. Within the expanded view of each order, you’ll find a Product Document drop-down menu. Once your item ships, your order details will display the lot number shipped and you’ll be enabled to download lot-specific documents as applicable. Prior to shipping, any product documents available for that item will be displayed. 

Order Issues & Returns

Use the Report an Issue or Return option for Customer Care assistance with your order. Complete the associated form and submit. Your submission will be reviewed by a Customer Care representative who will get back to you about next steps. 

Custom orders and projects

A special section is devoted to providing quick access to your custom orders and projects. You can also access custom configuration tools for easy custom-product generation and ordering.

Saved Carts and Lists

Saved Carts makes it easy to reorder products. After you add item(s) to your cart, the cart is automatically saved using a unique identifier. You can also choose to rename the cart with a name that is memorable. You can purchase items in a saved cart using the checkout process. You can also email a saved cart to a colleague for review or purchasing. You’ll find saved carts and carts transferred to you from colleagues in your Saved Carts list.


Web quotes, labeled with a “W” for easy identification, are also saved in this area.  


Shared lists can help you save products to a list from within the Account Dashboard – or add to an existing list from product pages or from your shopping cart. You can allow others to view, add items, and place orders on your shared list by email invitation. Your invitee will then be able to access your list from their own online Account for collaboration purposes.


Note: The email address you use to invite your colleague must be the email address they use with their online Account. To further support collaboration, you can add notes and comments to any item on your shared lists. Shared Lists can also be exported for use offline.


Recurring Orders

Recurring orders (Standing Orders) displays those orders you’ve scheduled with Customer Care for shipping on a set frequency. You can view each recurring order series with a detailed listing of each order and follow its progression to shipping, including post shipment tracking. You will soon be able to create and edit your recurring order through too.

Step by step

Access the Account Dashboard by signing in and selecting Account. 

Your Account Dashboard allows easy access to orders and order-related information and tools. The left-hand menu options provide access to all available options to help you manage your account and orders.


At the top of your Account Dashboard, you’ll find your most recent orders. Expanding each order will display order-related options: shipment tracking, product documents, invoices and dispatch notes, as well as return and issue management. You also have the option to save an item to a Shared List. This is a convenient way to keep track of your preferred products as well as share these items with colleagues.


Recent orders listed at the top of your Account Dashboard with your full account menu on the left-hand side, including access to Recurring Orders and My Custom Projects.

Expanded view with order-related options

As you continue to scroll down the Account Dashboard, you’ll find any Shared Lists you’ve set up, as well as your saved carts. A delivery calendar view is available for a preview of any upcoming shipment deliveries. 

The Tools and Calculators section found in the lower portion of your Account Dashboard makes it easy to find the right tool to create your custom order. Use the filter or search options to find exactly what you need.