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Guides and Tools

  • DailyCalcs Science Calculator: An app designed to calculate molarity, dilution, molecular weight, and more. Also includes a transfection calculator you can use to simplify transfection experimental setup.
Custom Services

Bulk and Custom Protein Biology Products

Partner with us to scale up your process or product development pipeline with bulk quantities of high-quality immunoassay reagents and biochemicals. We offer a variety of compounds, devices, and resins for your large-scale applications. Whether you are developing an assay for commercialization, constructing a large screening assay for in-house use, or requiring high-purity reagents for your manufacturing process, we can provide consistent quality in milligram to kilogram quantities manufactured under ISO 9001 processes. Complete our bulk and custom products request form to get your project started.

Molecular Biology Services

Whatever basic or discovery research question you are attempting to answer, our molecular biology experts can help design the best custom solution utilizing our unique suite of technologies. Additionally, our dedicated project managers will guide your project through every step of the process and constantly keep you informed of our progress.