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Find helpful tips and useful resources related to end-point PCR, including  polymerase selection, primer design, and best practices when setting up your PCR reaction. Get help with common issues associated with PCR, including failed reactions and oligo-related problems.

Obtain the support you need for your reverse transcription and RACE experiments. Access technical content covering differences in reverse transcriptases and tips & help on obtaining high yields of cDNA.

Get support information for your ProFlex™ PCR System, Veriti® Thermal Cycler, 2720 Thermal Cycler, and GeneAmp® PCR System 9700, including information about programming, running the PCR machine, and fixes for commonly encountered errors.

Browse our support pages for technical information about our pre-made cDNA libraries and creation of your own cDNA library.  Find content such as tips on isolating full-length cDNA and help with optimizing cDNA yield.

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